Astrology Prediction for 29 th December 2019


Astrology Prediction for 29 th December 2019


Aries sign people will earn a small additional amount from an unexpected source. Your partner might achieve something big today. Those who are in a job may start a new project for income generation. You are in an adventurous mood and will take a big risk in your trade. Students will maintain a stronghold over their learning. You might take your family out for shopping and dinner. 


Taurus sign people will spend a productive day in the workplace. Your boss will involve you in an important project. This will raise your status in the workplace. Students will do very well in their field of studies.  You will spend a romantic day with your partner. You might go for exotic shopping. Your health will be stable. You will get relief from all your health-related issues. Payment may come from an unexpected source.


Gemini sign people will feel ill and weak today. Your partner’s warmth and caring attitude will be helpful. You may come under the grip of negative thoughts. Try to control hat tendency. Something positive should happen in the workplace. You should not try any untested strategy or trick. There will be loss of energy so you may want to postpone your work and activities. It may create some stress in the family.


Cancer sign people will spend an easy and smooth day on the professional front.  You may receive a piece of good news about your job or business. You may start a new project which will fetch bigger gains. You may indulge in luxurious experiences like good food or massage. There will be love and harmony on the domestic front. Your parents might give you an expensive and precious gift.


Leo sign people will feel physically weak. They may fall ill. There will be some problems in the workplace. Your boss’s guidance will help you to resolve that problem. Financially, you will feel safe and secure. Your younger sibling’s health or career will be a matter of worry. Do not sign on any legal or financial commitment today. Postpone the final decision for a later date. Students must work hard.


Virgo sign people will get an old payment or an arrear. Traders will acquire a new deal which will bring bigger profits. It might turn out to be a chaotic day. You will be on your foot throughout the day. This might lead to exhaustion and weakness. You will use your wisdom and emerge as a winner in a difficult situation.  Your lover will shower a lot of affection on you. Your prestige shall increase in your workplace.


Libra sign people will solve a tricky and complex problem. A positive stroke of luck will be by your side. Those who are in a job will hear something auspicious and encouraging.  There are chances of getting injured so be cautious throughout the day.  You are vulnerable to catching stomach infection. The papers of a new financial project may get finalized. Students need to work hard with concentration.


Scorpio sign people will work efficiently and get success even in difficult tasks. Those who are in a job may receive a monetary reward or an arrear. Traders will get more income than usual. There will be romantic exchange between married partners as well as lovers. You will be in pink of your health. An unexpected amount will come from somewhere which will cheer you up. Students will get some kind of good news. 


Sagittarius sign people will receive money from various sources. Your bank balance will increase significantly. You may also spend generously. You may set out on a long-distance journey. It will be a comfortable journey. Students will score high marks if they are expecting their result. You might visit a religious place or perform a ritual at home. You must take care of your family members’ health and emotional needs.


Capricorn sign people will spend a productive day. Their work will get completed without any special effort. You might receive a small reward today for your contribution. There are indications of an interest-based income for the traders. Those who work for the commission will earn a bigger profit today. A younger family member will bring happiness in the family.  Students will be in a secure position.     


Aquarius sign people will do certain things easily but certain others will prove difficult. Those who are in a job may get an arrear.  Students may lose their concentration today. They will find it difficult to study.  You should not finalize any financial plan today as you are likely to make a wrong judgement. A younger sibling’s well-being may bother you. A trip is indicated in the stars. You might waste your money by spending impulsively. 


Pisces sign people will feel valorous and upbeat in their outlook. You may spend your time in luxurious settings like a massage parlour or a big mall. You will do very well in the workplace. Your health requires attention as you are vulnerable to catching bacterial infections. There will be inflow of money.  Students will score high marks if their result gets declared today. There will be love and peace between family members.

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