Kalashantijyotish Today Horoscope, 16th December 2019


Kalashantijyotish Today Horoscope, 16th December 2019


Aries sign people will spend a comfy day soaked in the warmth of winter sun. They will enjoy all the good and exotic things in life. There will be enhanced warmth and love among your family members. You may start a new project or a business deal. Those who are in a job may be given more responsibilities.  Your health stars appear vulnerable. You must take precautions as you are likely to catch a cold. You may clear the backlog. You must feel energetic and upbeat about your work. 


Taurus sign people will find everything turning into their favour. You will be at your clever best because of which you will cross all obstacles.  You will be in pink of your health and all the problems will get cured. You will hear something positive about your work-related matters. You will find this to be an easy and smooth day.  If you applied for a promotion or an award, your seniors will clear it with positive remarks.  Pay attention to your lover’s needs.         


Gemini sign people might be given a share in the family’s heritage. Your rivals may try to harm you but in the end, they will do some good to you. There will be love and harmony. Those who are in a job will perform very well. Your health stars are vulnerable as you may develop acidity which can, in turn, give you a headache. If you want harmony in relationships, you must control your voice and be mindful about the words.


Cancer sign people will be in favourable situations throughout the day. The male members of your family will help you in a special manner. Students will score good marks and impress their teachers.  Your child will do something pleasing for you. You may set out on a long road trip with your family or lover. There will be a romance between couples.  You will be in pink of your health. People will look up to you in the workplace for advice.


Leo sign people will benefit on account of their friends. A large sum will come from somewhere which will settle all your fears and worries about money. You will feel stable and secure.  Half of the day will go smoothly in the workplace but the second half may bring in some tensions.  An official trip is likely.  You may not feel very confident and upbeat. The domestic needs items may create a hole in your pocket.


Virgo sign people will gain rank and prestige today as they will accomplish something big on the professional front.  Business, as well as salaried, people will get success in their workplace. You may manage to clear the bottlenecks and resolve several irritating and pestering issues. If you applied for a new job, you may get the interview call. There will be an inflow of money.


Libra sign people will hear good and positive things throughout the day. Your boss will be pleased with your efficiency and smartness in dealing with tough subordinates.  Your family members will help you in resolving a complicated conflict. You may invest money in a piece of land.  There will be a sudden inflow of money.  You might hold an emotional discussion with your son which will strengthen the bond between the two of you.


Scorpio sign people will be in a relaxing mood. Your brothers will help you to resolve your routine problems.  Business people will clinch beneficial deals today. Those who are in a job will spend a smooth day. People will appreciate you in the workplace which will help you to gain fame. There will be inflow of money which will boost your spirits. An elderly person or a father-figure will give you an important advice.   


Sagittarius sign people will feel dull and lazy. They may feel disinterested towards their routine work because they might lack the required energy. Despite their unwillingness, they might have to complete several important and urgent works. You may actually fall ill so remain cautious. There will be an inflow of money which will stabilize your financial condition. There will be an understanding between the couples.


Capricorn sign people will be in a courageous and valorous form. You will be in pink of your health. You will renew your bond with your co-workers or business associates or loved ones.  A family-owned property may finally get transferred to your name. You might purchase something very exotic as well as expensive. You may take your family out for dinner or for shopping. You will spend a happy time with your family. 


Aquarius sign people will spend a cheerful day in the workplace as there will be all-round achievements. You will form new associations or partnerships which will fetch immense gains. An official trip is indicated in the stars. There will be love and warmth between couples.  You may splurge excessively if you go shopping. Be careful. You may get into a conflict with a younger family member.  You must eat mindfully else you will fall ill. 


Pisces sign people will find this to be a chaotic day as they will have to run around a lot. Your seniors will work in harmony and in coordination with your interests.  You may buy something exotic and spend lavishly on it. There will be inflow of money.  You may spend time and energy on offering a ceremonial prayer.  Students will score well if their results are declared today.

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