Make your Holi exciting, auspicious and blissful by choosing the colours based on your zodiac sign

Make your Holi exciting, auspicious and blissful by choosing the colours based on your zodiac sign

Holi is a festival of fun, frolic, colours, diversity and togetherness. Colours hold a special place and importance in this festival. In astrological wisdom, a colour has been assigned to every zodiac sign. Its selection makes things favourable and blissful. Let’s learn which colour will be beneficial for each of the zodiac signs.


Aries sign people can add a zing to their life by choosing the colour red. Red will make their festivities extremely positive and favourable. They should decorate their living room with red roses and also apply red gulaal on their loved ones including their siblings.


Taurus sign people should go for silver and sheeny colours. This will make their celebration vibrant and splendid. Additionally, they should use silver foil in food items or eat the sweets covered in it. You must apply silver and shining colours on your mother’s feet.


Gemini sign people have to celebrate a green Holi.  They should try to wear green clothes and offer green leafy vegetables based dishes to their guests. This will add a healthy vibrancy to their festivities. Remember to colour your lover with green from top to bottom.


Cancer sign people can mix red and white to bring a special light of love and excitement to their Holi celebrations.  Keep your living and bedroom filled with white flowers and red fabric. This will make your Holi gala flamboyant and will bring a spell of charm.  Remember to colour your partner with red.


Leo sign people have the fortune of a variety of colours that can attract the celestial blessings. They should choose between red, orange and golden all the bright ones. They should try to offer apples and oranges to their guests or the juices or drinks of these colours. Remember to colour your father’s feet with red or orange.


Virgo sign people should combine the colour of fertility i.e. green with a golden sheen. They should play Holi in a garden or in surroundings where plants and trees are in abundance. The freshness of green will make their life radiant with nature and its power. Remember to drench your guests with green.  


Libra sign people should play around with the two most shining colours i.e. the golden and silver. They should ideally gift a silver or gold item to their beloved and then play Holi with them. You should enjoy sweets, which are covered in silver and golden foil. Remember to draw a golden boundary on the main door of your house.  


Scorpio sign people have the advantage of the colours of life i.e. red and maroon. You should wear red clothes and start your day by eating an apple to enthuse love and romance in their Holi celebrations and the important relationship. Remember to drench your love partner in red or maroon.


Sagittarius sign people should lay their playful emphasis on vibrant yellow and sandal wood colour.  They should themselves consume yellow savouries and also offer to their guests. You can be different form the others and use sandal wood paste to play a safe Holi. Remember to start your celebrations by making a tilak on your servant’s forehead.


Capricorn sign people should maintain their distinct choice even in colours and use blue and browns more than others. You can either decorate your room with blue curtains or offer food in blue dishes to your guests. Kiwi should be a must fruit on your plate. Remember to overcome your shyness and allow your partner to drench you in blue and brown.


Aquarius sign people can bring vibrancy and energy to their celebrations and fun by going easy on purple and navy blue colours. They should think about gifting a bright purple dress to their wives before playing Holi with them. You can consider buying ceramic blue pots or a dinner set this Holi. Remember to fill your wife’s face with purple gulaal.  


Pisces sign people will be blessed if they play Holi with elegant and sophisticated golden colour in its various hues. It will draw the auspicious notes from the favourable planets and stars. They should consider gifting a golden ring to their partner. Remember to colour your partner completely in gold.    

           We wish you a Very Happy and Colourful Holi!!!!

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