English Weekly Horoscope 15th–21st February 2021

English Weekly Horoscope 15th–21st February 2021


Aries sign people will remain anxious and stressed about the inflow of money. There will be a rise in your physical comforts and pleasures. Students are likely to receive some good news. Your familial and marital life will remain blissful. Several kinds of thoughts will cross your mind which shall keep you restless. There will be running around in the workplace. The end of the week may bring some stress. Exercise restraint on your speech.  


Taurus sign people will enjoy the benefits of smooth inflow of money. You will make gains in property and government-related projects. You are likely to receive good news and financial gains this week. There will be a strange level of enthusiasm and energy in you. You may plan an outing with your friends and family members. Your seniors will be pleased with you. There will be some problems in your marital life.


Gemini sign people will secure success in an important project on account of a positive stroke of luck. The salaried people are likely to get promoted to a higher post. The students will get selected if they appear in any interview. Your money-related problems will get resolved this week. Pending payments will get cleared very suddenly this week. You must remain cautious about your health. The end of the week may bring some problems.


Cancer sign people might pick up conflicts and disagreements with their business partners this week. It will be best for you if you keep your mind calm and composed. Your pending tasks will pick up speed and payments will get cleared. There will be chances of securing success in job-related tasks. Your valour will be heightened this week. A tiff is possible between lovers. You may remain worried about your offspring. Invest your money after careful analysis.


Leo sign people will have to cope with unnecessary expenses and running around. You shall receive good news in money-related matters. Your health will certainly improve. You will achieve fame and glory in the social sphere. A work-related trip is possible. You shall receive positive results on account of a favourable stroke of luck. Do not lose temper on anybody.


Virgo sign people are likely to get good results in their occupational sphere. The salaried people must take measured steps on all the work-related fronts. Your government-related tensions will come to an end. You may participate in religious activities. You may face some problems on account of your offspring. A stomach-related problem will affect you. Do not give in to lethargy. You will make gains on account of your life partner. 


Libra sign people are likely to pick up conflicts with people around them. The salaried people must conduct themselves very carefully. The unemployed people are likely to gain employment. You shall receive good results on the financial front. Business people may invest their energies in a new project. Meeting new people may prove useful. Your familial life will remain blissful. 


Scorpio sign people will notice a fall in their valour. There will be ups and downs in your married life. The salaried people are likely to draw good gains this week. You will feel a renewed bond with your mother. There will be chances of physical exhaustion on account of excessive running around. You will make gains on account of your in-laws. A favourable stroke of luck will help you complete important projects. Take care of your health. There will be an inflow of money.


Sagittarius sign people will make sudden monetary gains throughout the week. Your health will remain good and an old ailment will get cured. The salaried people are likely to make gains. Some of you may get new job options. The week is going to be good for students enrolled in higher education. Exercise restraint on your speech and conduct. You will participate in religious activities.


Capricorn sign people might be given an additional duty or assignment in their jobs. Your marital conflicts will get resolved and there will be some relief. There are strong chances of making monetary gains. There will be no obstacles in land, property and house-related matters. Keep away from wasteful activities. Students must put in some extra effort this week. You may pick up a conflict with your offspring this week. Do not finalize any investment.


Aquarius sign people will experience a rise in their confidence. This will be a good week for salaried people. You are likely to scale new heights in your workplace. A business deal may get finalized in your favour. Things will become favourable in the context of pending payments. A piece of good news is possible in the context of your offspring. Your financial standing will improve significantly. A trip may get planned very suddenly. 


Pisces sign people will remain very pleased as their work will come through as per their wishes. Things will improve further on the monetary front. Your familial life will remain pleasant. The salaried as well as business people will draw excellent gains in their work. Your health will remain excellent. You are likely to receive gifts and honour for some work. Do not give in to lethargy.

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